Thursday, March 15, 2012

Authors for Henryville - Take 3!!! Wow! Wait 'til you see who's here!!!

Thank you so much for coming to the Authors for Henryville Auction and Raffle. As you know - Henryville, IN was destroyed when an F4 tornado hit the small Indiana town. Hoosier authors immediately rallied to help! We had hoped to donate directly to the Henryville Schools, but the logistics of that became too difficult and the needs of the entire town are too dire to delay. So - all monies are going to aid Henryville tornado victims through the Red Cross. (See the donation button on the right!)

Here's how you can help us help Henryville! Click on the author's name to go directly to the post to see the books (& swag) from these great authors (in no particular order). Be sure to check out the swag accompanying the books from Beth Revis, Stephanie Perkins, and Sarah Stevenson! Also - a special offering (split into several groupings) from Andrew Karre and Carolrhoda Lab. (Be sure to watch for a Special offering from Andrew - not included on this page!)

This auction will be up until 9 p.m. Eastern time on Saturday (3/17)

Meg Cabot - Abandon and and ARC of the sequel, Underworld
Stephanie Perkins - Lola and the Boy Next Door & swag
Ransom Riggs (yes - again - aren't you lucky?!) - Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
Rebecca Kai Dotlich - Bella and Bean
Carrie Jones - Tips on Having a Gay (ex) Boyfriend, Love (and other uses for duct tape), and girl, HERO
Steve Brezenoff - The Absolute Value of |-1|
A. C. Gaughen - Scarlet
Aimee Carter - The Goddess Test and Goddess Interrupted
Beth Revis - Across the Universe (paperback), A Million Suns (hardcover) and a Breathless Reads signed poster!
Ellen Jensen Abbott - Watersmeet and The Centaur's Daughter
Jennifer Hubbard - The Breathe Double-Pack - Don't Breathe a Word by Holly Cupala, and Try Not to Breathe by Jennifer R. Hubbard
Jill Hathaway - signed UK edition of Slide
John J. Bonk - the Dustin Grubbs books!
Kiki Hamilton - The Faerie Ring
Mike Mullin - Ashfall, Ashen Winter (ARC), and naming rights!
Sara Zarr - Peace, Love, and Baby Ducks by Lauren Myracle, Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen, and How to Save a Life by Sara Zarr
Sarah Albee - Poop Happened!
Suzanne Winnacker - The Other Life
Tess Hilmo - With a Name Like Love
Joanne Levy - Small Medium at Large
Kristi Cook - Haven
Sarah Stevenson - The Latte Rebellion
Gae Polisner - The Pull of Gravity
Geoff Herbach - Stupid Fast

And don't forget The RAFFLE! If you click the donate button on the right, you'll be entered in a drawing of many more books and swag items! More details of those fabulous prizes forthcoming!


Anonymous said...

Yay, organizers! You get to raise the goal AGAIN! You are so kicking butt with this auction! Thank you so much for organizing this--I know it's a LOT more work than non-organizers can guess.

a.h.mcauley said...

Um, this is stupid, but how do I pay for the auctions I have won?

Katy Manck, MLS said...

I won more than 1 auction. Can I combine them into 1 payment & let y'all know how much was for each one in my email to you?

Thanks SO much for organizing this!

Julia Karr said...

A. H. - you donate the amount you bid using the donate button to the right of the screen. Then email us at and let us know you've made your donation (Razoo will notify us, too, but we'll need your mailing address in your email.) Thanks for supporting Henryville!

Julia Karr said...

Katy - I believe I emailed you the answer - yes?

Katy Manck, MLS said...

Not finding your email, Julia (checked spam, too) - please try again to katyroo AT gmail DOT com.