Thursday, March 22, 2012


Wow! I am so humbled and awed by the outpouring of support for this effort to raise money for Henryville, Indiana. On that Friday night (March 2nd), as I looked at pictures of the devastation in Henryville, I cried. Can't say I've ever been to Henryville, but it's about 30 miles, as the crow flies, from where I was born and grew up. It felt like this tragedy happened practically in my old back yard. I knew I had to do something.

I'm not an organizer. I've never raised-a-fund in my life. But I wasn't about to let that stand in my way.

When I reached out to my Hoosier author friends - they were there with the donations and support and getting the word out! And, Holy Cannoli! Talk about donations! They came in from authors all over the country (and even outside of the U.S.)

All you have to do is scan the list of amazing people from the kidlit community who participated and see what kind of talent helped us reach and exceed our goals! Actually - we upped the goal three times! And still went way over thanks to all the great bidders!

I don't really know what else to say - except how sorry I am that there was a need for this - and how thrilled I am to be part of a community of people (authors, editors, agents, readers, bloggers, librarians, teachers, etc.) who are so freakin' generous that it makes my heart burst.

You are all the absolute best! The. Best.

Thank you.

Raffle Winners!!!

Josie Bloss & I made a little video of the raffle! You are seeing it first here! (I'll get better at video making - maybe!) A list of winners & books is posted (click raffle winners link above) & those winners we do not already have mailing addresses for will be contacted via email, although it would be very helpful if you were to email us your address at Authors4Henryville(at)gmail(dot)com. Thank you all so much!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Meg Cabot - Princess - Take 2!

Another signed series from the generous & amazing Meg Cabot! The Princess series! Get your bid into the comments! It's only up until 8 p.m. Weds! Leave your bids in the comments below! AND your CONTACT information!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Auctions are done... but the FUN isn't!!! It's RAFFLE TIME!!!

Yes - remember in that first post way back when (see post here) ??? Well - at the bottom of that post are a whole lot of books from authors that are listed to the right (---> see them?) And there are more! Lots more!

So - we're gonna have a RAFFLE!  You know how that works, right? You donate money by clicking that button on the right... (some of you already have - thank you!) (And, if you won an auction, you are automatically entered - you don't have to donate again.) After you have donated - you can tweet your donation using the hashtag #authors4henry - or you can send us an email at authors4henryville(at)gmail(dot)com telling us you donated. (We do get confirmation from Razoo, too!) You have until 8 a.m. Wednesday (EST) to make your donation. Then on Wednesday night - author, Josie Bloss (I hope!) will join me and we'll pull donators & donatees out of hats & match them up!

This is just another way to help the folks in Henryville, IN! (And, get yourself some amazing books!)

So - click that donate button & let's raise some more money!!!

Some of the raffle books are:


a pre-order of the above

a four-pack of his Field Trip Mysteries

Saturday, March 17, 2012

J. Allen Fielder - Swag designer offering!

Authors! J. Allen Fielder is offering to design your swag. Here's what he told me... "every $25 increment gets you one piece of SWAG design, like a bookmark, button, business card, flyer, etc. So if someone bids $75, I'll design three pieces of SWAG. [you'll] still have to use [your] own vendor for printing, but the design work would be free."

Here are a few of examples of his work! Awesome! Get your bids in before this one closes at noon tomorrow!


Friday, March 16, 2012

John Green - Yes - the Real John Green!

Yes - the real John Green!

Do you want all of these John's books? Personally autographed, to you? Well - who wouldn't?

John is offering this set of his books, signed and personalized! Bid in the comments below. Auction closes at 9 p.m. EST on Saturday.

Andrew Karre - Special 50-pg Manuscript Critique!!!

Don't miss out on a 50-page manuscript critique from Andrew Karre, editor at Carolrhoda Lab, who has an amazing eye for talent. (Seriously--in just three years, Carolrhoda Lab titles have won heaps of awards and honors, from Blythe Woolston's Morris-award-winning The Freak Observer to more recent recipients of starred reviews and best-of honors.)

You know you want this one! Andrew is A-Mazing!!!

Put your bids in the comments!