List of Winners!

If the winners will be so kind as to please email us your mailing address (email to Authors4Henryville(at)gmail(dot)com) that would be fantastic! And will assure timely delivery of your books/swag.

Thank you so much for helping Henryville, Indiana!  Julia & the Authors4Henryville team!

Author                            Winner                                  Book
Kim Sabatini                    Alicia Marie Ezell                  Touching the Surface pre-order
Maria Sutton                    Alexandra Beaudoin              The Night Sky
Sarah Darer Littman         Anne McAuley                     Want to go Private?
Amy Brecount White        April Norton                         Forget-Her-Nots
Charity Tahmaseb             Brittany Moore                     The Geek Girl's Guide to Cheerleading
Suzanne Lazear                Carol Baldwin                        Innocent Darkness pre-order
Trinity Faegen                  Christi A Aldellizzi                  The Mephisto Covenant
Kate Messner                  Christine M Kennedy             Marty McGuire Diggs Worms
Carole Estby Dagg           Claudiane T Soares               The Year We Were Famous
Saundra Mitchell              Diana G Phung                      Shadowed Summer
Eve Marie Mont               Donna M Compositor           ARC of A Breath of Eyre & swag
Carol Oates                     Doret Canton                        Shades of Atlantis
Michelle Houts                 Elizabeth E Fensin                 The Beer Princess of Practical County
Ransom Riggs                  Emilie Couture                       Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
Josie Bloss                       Emily Bedwell                        Faking Faith
Ransom Riggs                  Heather L Long                     Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
Sara Beitia                       Heidi M Zweifel                    Last Good Place of Lily Odilon
Sarah Darer Littman         Jaye Robin Brown                Life, After
Ellen Booraem                 Jennifer Ansbach                   Small Persons with Wings
Julia Karr                         Jessica A Valeske                Truth
Medeia Sharif                  Jo Beth Dempsey                  Bestest Ramadan Ever
Lynda Mullaly Hunt         Jo Hackl                                One for the Murphys
Kathryn Burak                Julia A Markley                      B&N gift cert
Christine Johnson            Kathryn Dawson                    Claire de Lune
Debbie Reed Fisher        Kathryn M Manck                  Swimming with the Sharks
Megan Bostic                 Kathy M Burnette                   Never Eighteen
Patrice Lyle                    Kathy S Marsh                       Lethally Blonde & swag
Julia Karr                       Kathyrn M Manck                  XVI
Amy Ackley                   Kay J McGriff                        Sign Language
Beth Fehlbaum               Kim Barany                            Hope & Patience & $25 gift card
Joanne Levy                   Kristin A                                B&N gift cert
Caroline Starr Rose        Kristina D Knight                   May B.
Marybeth Kelsey            Lenore Hollowell                   Recipe 4 Robbery
Terry Lynn Johnson        Marjorie Light                       Dogsled Dreams
Sarah Darer Littman       Marybeth Kelsey                   Purge
Christine Johnson           Megan Bostic                        Nocturne
Katherine Longshore      Mellisa D                              Tetterton Gilt
Sheila O'Connor            Michael J Sullivan                  Sparrow Road
Lyn Miller-Lachmann     Michelle K De Aguiar            Dirt Cheap
Steve Brezenoff             Paige Mushaw                        Field Trip Mysteries
Jennifer Shaw Wolf       Pat Ray                                  Breaking Beautiful pre-order
Nikki Loftin                  Paul Hankins                     ARC of The Sinister Sweetness of Splendid Academy
Saundra Mitchell           Rebecca Boyer                       The Vespertine
Kate Messner               Sharon Andrews                     Marty McGuire  
Gae Polisner                 Tandy J Adams                       The Pull of Gravity
Marybeth Kelsey          Tania Garshowitz                     Tracking Daddy Down
Sarah Darer Littman      Teresa Robeson                      Confessions of a Closet Catholic